Stuff to make you smile 12/10/14


Happy Wednesday people! This week is flying by. You look good. Coffee is keeping you focused. We all have big plans this weekend. Life is awesome. (If those statements are true, cool enjoy fun videos and spread your good mood to others by sharing this post. If those statements are not true, then let this post cheer you up. When it does, share it with others who also need a boost.)

Throwback video

Andy Sandberg just makes me laugh. He’s one of those guys that I really enjoy. This video from 2009 not only will make you laugh, but make you think “Why don’t they look back?”

For the right brain readers
I thought this was interesting and cool. Christmas is coming and this infographic is a reminder to me that I would make a horrible Santa… way too many logistics to figure out… although with all the North Pole magic I could just ignore the need for logistics… Gioia for Santa in 2015!

What Would It Take To Store Santa’s Gifts?

Don’t tell me I need a nap! I tell you when I need a nap!
It’s a baby… fighting another baby… dressed as a dragon… with kung fu…

I want to be Nick Offerman
What started as a funny fake commercial became a real thing. I don’t know what’s better, Nick Offerman’s commercial or that Conan made it a real thing. Go check out the website and watch both videos.

Nick Offerman’s Handcrafted Wood Emojis

Go Cubs Go
This one is for all of my fellow Cubs fans who might read this. Sarah, Dan, Tim (not me), Uncle Ron, Kevin, Nancy, really anyone who is smart, and awesome. Winning the winter might not get us a trophy but it does make us excited for April!

Cubs Got John Lester!

Bonus: Go Cubs Go!

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