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11 Ways to Get to Opening Day



That’s the number of weeks we have until Opening Day of the 2015 baseball season. We gotta get through 11 weeks. Guys we can do this. With as much time as we spend sleeping, working, watching Netflix, and complaining that it is cold outside, Opening Day will be here before we know it. Why should you care about Opening Day you might ask?

Opening Day means spring. Yes, it will probably still be kinda cold in some Midwestern cities when the baseball season starts, but that won’t last long. Opening Day means we got through the cold. It means we got through the winter. We made it. The snow boots, the extra layers, the mittens, the ice… it’s all done with. We won!
Now I know 11 weeks might still seem like a ways away. So here’s my thoughts on things that can help us get through these next 11 weeks. And since we are talking numbers let’s see if we can’t come up with 11 points.

1. Start getting in shape now. Recently I had to have a head shot done for work. Nothing reminds you that you are out of shape more than a professionally done close up photo of yourself. Often times we wait until it gets nice out to start working off our winter pounds and get ready for summer. There are multiple benefits to starting to work out now. Not only will it kill some time and get us to Opening Day, but it will also keep us warm during these cold months. Also, you’ll already be ahead of the game in the Spring which will set up quite nicely for Summer. I made a goal to do 140 rounds of yoga this year. So far… not great and I could use these weeks to catch up.

2. Netflix… stupid, stupid Netflix. I saw stupid because while it may be one of the greatest inventions ever, it sucks up our lives. You wanna get through these 11 weeks with as little work as possible? There’s always something to binge watch on Netflix. It’s so good, and yet so so bad for us. Much like candy, or a deep fried Twinkie.

3. Start a new hobby. Learn a new skill. Guitar, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. Start a collection. For my birthday I got a record player and since then have been compiling a list of albums I want for the collection, while also filling up the collection with anything that seems interesting.

4. Learn to cook. Yes this could fit into #3 but this one can be so much more than just a hobby for yourself. Learn to cook and try new things. Now’s the perfect time because you can start with easy comfort food. I’m about to chow down on a grilled cheese sandwich my wonderful wife made me. It’s tougher than just melting cheese. Combine that with learning to make tomato soup, or get fancy and try different versions of the grilled cheese. This can be a fun group activity or date as well. It’s a skill you need to survive and one that can be a fun social event.

5. Ice skate/ski/snowboard/sled. Winter provides us the opportunity to do these activities. Though some need coordination even for the awkward, these events usually lead to some great stories. Like the time I crashed into a tree on a sled. Or I almost ran over a kid on a snowboard. Or how I fall every dang time I ice skate. … I’m noticing a theme…

6. Explore the indoor attractions. I live in Chicago, you might not but I get to live in a city that has great museums, art, theater, and in general culture. You have the same thing, go find it. These are things that you won’t want to do when it’s nice outside.

7. Read a book. Ignore the Netflix, disconnect the Playstation and pick up one of those dusty things that you were to be forced to report on and respond to. Read for fun. Read things that are interesting. Find the things that interest you, some expert wrote about it and wants to entertain you. Go read a book.

8. Journal. Journaling can be a great way to not only pass time but also chronicle your days and events and thoughts. You might think your life is boring and there is nothing to write about but it can be a good way to also clear your head. Plus to be able to look back at your life and see how things are changing can be uplifting.

9. Go see a movie. Not turn something on Netflix. Not rent a Redbox. Go to a theater. Make it a night. Yes, you will overpay, get past that and go enjoy the experience. You’ll see previews, smell the popcorn, enjoy the surround sound and experience the awesome full screen.

10. Don’t hide. My natural inclination during the winter months is to hole up inside as much as I can. I avoid most activities that involve me leaving, and even the ones that don’t I still tend to avoid due to my lack of energy. (Sarah thinks I have S.A.D. I say I just don’t like the cold.) Life will move quicker with people around you. Enjoy your friends and maybe even make some new ones. Have a game night. Go bowling. Sit around and drink and talk about how much fun you will have when the weather gets nice again. The point is, community makes things better.

11. Find something to get excited about that is far away and then spend a lot of time and energy and blog space thinking and dwelling on that thing and the great times you will have when you experience it and ignore the cold and ice.

11 weeks, we can do anything for 11 weeks.

Do you have any other tips or ideas on how to pass these next 11 weeks? Leave your idea in the comments below, this list was hard to come up with so give me some ideas.