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Stuff to Make You Smile

It’s not all bad. Yes, the weather is horrible, and true, it is only Wednesday but it’s not all bad. There are things that can make you smile. There are things that help us remember the world isn’t all doom and gloom and snow. Enjoy a few fun things I found on the internet.

Age is just a number…
And his moves are SWEET!

Today is International Men’s Day.
Find a man and tell him he’s awesome, because apparently today is Men’s Day!
International Men’s Day

Oh Jimmy Fallon…
Just another example of Jimmy Fallon being awesome. I personally can’t wait for Colbert to join the late night battle.

17 Proverbs We Should be Using
#12 is my favorite I think. You?
Mental Floss 17 Proverbs We Should Be Using

You Can Levitate.
Art of Manliness always has cool stuff to find.
Cool Uncle Tricks: Learn How to Levitate


What cool stuff have you found on the internet to make you smile? Share it with me below!