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Stuff to Make You Smile Thanksgiving Edition


Many people are spending today traveling to see family or prepping for tomorrow’s feast. Take a break from either one, chill out and relax, forget about the stress that family can bring and check out these links and videos to make you smile.

There’s no way this ends well.
Yes, it’s been too long since dinosaurs ate someone. Lucky for us a new Jurassic movie is coming out. Has anyone done more in such a short time to rid them of the “goofy” character than Chris Pratt?

Where was this demonstration when I was in school?
The Fire department showing you a helpful tip in regards to deep frying your turkey. (Side note, we are deep frying a turkey this year and I’m really hoping something gets set on fire. I’ll update you if it does.)

Good rules to play by.
The Wall Street Journal has an article up with 32 rules for the Turkey Bowl your family may be playing this year. Make sure everyone knows the rules ahead of time…
32 Rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football

Cue the Highlight Reel
Speaking of football… here’s some highlights from a pick up football game. How are you going to get hurt this year?

The Ultimate Guide
If you head over to the Stuff I Dig page, you’ll find a link to The Art Of Manliness. It is a website I read often that is full of great tips, and advice. Below is really the ultimate guide on how to do Thanksgiving properly and gives you a great idea what their website is all about.
A Man’s Guide to Thanksgiving

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Feel free to share some of your favorite Thanksgiving stories and recipes in the comments section.