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Links To Make You Think

I’m going to play a bit with my Wednesday posts to see what people respond to the most. Here’s 5 Links to various sites and blogs that I found interesting and made me think a bit. Hope they do the same for you.

There’s Not an App for That
Short and interesting post about our ability to make a connection instead of trying to disengage with another app.

How Gatorade Came About
Many of us know the story that Gatorade was formulated at the University of Miami to help it’s players rehydrate. Check out this short 30 for 30 video about the drink.

What Happens To Our Brains When We Workout
I grabbed this post from my buddy Kevin’s site, (we’ll get to him in a second). It’s an interesting look at why working out makes feel and think better. Just another motivator to get active.

13 Secrets of Amazon Warehouse Workers
A list looking at some insights from people who have worked in the Amazon Warehouse. Crazy.

10 Recommended Christian Books on Prayer
Kevin takes some time to help people who want to engage more in prayer. A great collection of books from the newer releases like Tim Keller’s book Prayer to one from J.C. Ryle. Great list to get you thinking about prayer.

Find something interesting recently? Share it in the comments section below.