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#DropkickMonday Devo 11/10/14

Thanks in part to a former boss who was all about To-Do lists, (she once wrote on a To-Do list that had “See other To-Do list” on it) my Monday usually starts with me sitting down at my desk and writing out a list of what I need to get done for this week. I sit and I dwell on the projects and looming deadlines that I have coming. I list them all out to try and see everything that needs to get done and make things not seem so overwhelming for myself. And to be honest, it feels good to cross something off of the checklist. To-Do lists can be a great help at work and school. I just don’t think we need to take that same mentality to our lives.

In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches about worry, stress, anxiety, fear, and control. He says don’t worry about the things you need to survive, the daily needs we have. He knows them and will take care of them. Think about the flowers think about birds, think about nature and how beautiful it is and how it functions and thrives. God loves you much more than he loves those things. He enjoys you. He wants you to thrive and grow and flourish just as creation does. None of those things will come from your worrying.

Trying to plot and plan and scheme and checklist your way through life will not work. It won’t work because God is in control not you. He is the one who sets he To-Do list and he is the one who considers your future. If we spend our days and weeks trying to plan and control everything we will not find happiness, we will not find joy, we will find more stress and more worry. The more control we convince ourselves that we have the more aggrivation that comes with that. But when we can get to a point when we realize that God is in control, at that point the stress and the worry will not be as prevelent. It’ll still be there but at those moments we can look out our window, we can see the grass and the birds and remember that he is going to take care of us.

What are ways to make Monday better? How do you avoid “To-Do listing” your life? Leave me a comment or use the hashtag #Dropkickmonday on twitter. Kid President has an idea on how to make Monday better…