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Smile, it aint that bad

Oh I got some stuff for you today. Today might be the best collection of stuff to make you smile yet. I’m so excited let’s just get in to it.

1. Thank You Homer!
Today marks the debut episode of the greatest episodic television show ever (outside of WWE Raw) The Simpsons! Below is a collection of the top 10 episodes of the show. You can watch, enjoy, remember, and argue with what was chosen.

2. How many quizzes can you do at work?

Mental Floss has tons of fun stuff to make you think. This page has tons of quizzes such as “Can you name the Disney movies based upon their descriptions if they were horror films?” Or “5 questions about Panthers.” Go ahead, enjoy. Let me know what your favorite ones were.
Mental Floss Quizzes

3. Mr. Rodgers breakdancing.
For my older readers this should just make you giggle and fondly remember a guy who taught us to enjoy the world around us, trust people, and how paper was made. This is a great excerpt of him learning about breakdancing, and DOING IT HIMSELF!

4. 1000 Awesome Things.

The description of this website says this, “1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched June, 2008 and updated every weekday.” Add it to your favorites and check it weekly.
1000 Awesome Things

5. Obama on Colbert.
The President joined Stephen Colbert a few days ago on his show. Say what you will about the POTUS he can take a joke with the best of them.

What did you like? What made you smile? Find anything else good on the internet lately? Post it in the comments section below.