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Just Stop

Be still and know that i am God. I will be exalted. -Psalm 46:10

I have always loved this verse. It is god reminding us to chill out. to stop and remember he is in control. do you feel frazzled? Do you feel worn out and beaten down? Do you feel like everything is moving too fast and getting away from you? It’s Monday morning, does this week already feel too long?

The world will tell you to work harder, work longer, just keep running in the race and don’t stop for anyone or anything. God tells you to be still. To slow down. To remember that while you are trying to juggle all those different tasks, and relationships, and commitments, you don’t have to be in control.just stop and enjoy him. know that he is in control.
God says be still and trust him. He also reminds us that he will be exalted. This is a piece of information I need to be reminded of daily, almost hourly. I have things to decide and desires to pursue and am always praying that I would do what God would want me to. Praying that I would be making the decisions he wants me to and often get caught either being overwhelmed with the options or just giving up and forgetting about it. He will be exalted. Regardless of my decision or choice ultimately he is going to be exalted. So I am free to live and trust that as long as I am pursuing him the actual decisions I make don’t matter as much as my heart and desire to pursue him.

You are busy and worn out and beat up. Be still. Trust. Breathe. Relax. He’s got you. He’s got me. He will be exalted.