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Why I Love Sports

I originally had a long post written about why we love sports and how it relates to God and us being made in his image and as worshipers. But I feel like that article has been written and preached a bunch. I love sports because it’s awesome.

I sat on my couch and watched Game 7 of the World Series. I had no real knowledge or rooting interest in either team outside of the story lines going into the game. And yet by the 8th inning and definitely into the 9th, I was hooked. I was on the edge of my seat and my heart was racing. It shouldn’t have mattered to me, I should have been able to watch it and not get invested and yet something in me had me hooked on this game. It’s not just baseball and it wasn’t just the World Series. It’s sports.

It’s the pride in your city, college, state, country. It’s wearing a hat or shirt around town and proclaiming your allegiance. It’s seeing men and women do things at an extraordinarily high level. It’s the possibility that maybe this game you are watching or attending, is gonna be one of those games. One of the games people talk about for years to come, the one where you can tell your kids or grand kids that you were there, or at least you can recount every detail of the game because you were so engrossed in it. Sports connect the desire in us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. To be engaged and connected and united.

The world is a crummy place. There is sin and death and hate and destruction and snow. War happens, politicians lie, people cheat. It’s an ugly place. But in sports we get to disconnect from all of that. We can ignore the nonsense in the world around us and enjoy people being able to do something at a high level. We don’t have to worry about bills and finances and our jobs and the responsibilities of life. We can watch Lebron dominate. We can watch Peyton pick a part a defense. We can be amazed at what Madison Bumgarner did in the World Series. And for those couple of hours, the world isn’t so bad. There isn’t so much darkness. We can take all the hurt all the pain all the hate and we can channel those emotions towards cheering for the underdog, or watching a champion do what they do better than anyone in the world.

Sports is an outlet. It’s a break from a life and world that can really beat us up. So when you find yourself invested to some degree in a hockey game that isn’t your team, or an April baseball game that means nothing, let yourself enjoy it. That’s why sports is there, because it’s awesome.

Why do you love sports? What are some of your favorite sports memories? Leave me a comment or hit me up on Twitter.