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It’s a Baby Elephant

Yes folks Wednesdays can be tough. It’s the middle of the week and you still got a bunch of stuff to get done. Take a break. Relax. Enjoy a few minutes of the day with the following videos and links.

I always say if you have a platform, regardless of how small or large it may be, and you don’t use it to either promote your friends or try to make them laugh then you are doing things wrong. The following video belongs in the first category. Zach Pietrini and the Broken Bones are a great band of musicians and people. Check this one out and then go over to their website and hear more of their music. And buy their music. And go to their shows. And buy the t-shirts. And just enjoy.

Geniuses at Work
When I didn’t know the answer to a question on my homework I would often just make up an answer. Any answer would do. I don’t think I ever came up with anything as clever as these kids.
16 Kids That May Have All The Answers To Life

It’s a Baby Elephant

I think this picture is the very essence of what I am trying to do on Wednesdays. Just make you smile. I was on stumbleupon and this picture came up. Not sure what series of pictures it is part of or what it is trying to educate us on. It’s a small elephant who is smiling and on the move. Enjoy

TED Talk Beatbox
When did TED talks become a thing? I feel like they just showed up one day. Who is Ted? How did he get his own series of talks? Can I get in on this? Any way, check this dude out. He beatboxes and does sound effects. Take that Sgt. Larvell Jones.