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Stuff to Smile About

The world can be a bummer. Winter is coming, it’s getting dark at like 4pm, your candidate didn’t win the election. There’s lots of reasons to be a glass half empty kinda person. Here’s some things to make you smile …

The official trailer for the Minions movie.
How can you not like those little yellow weirdos.

The Official trailer for the Avengers 2.
Stuff getting blown up, bad guys gettin what’s comin to them, Iron Man, what’s not to like?

It’s OK to like Lebron again.
As long as he loses to the Bulls that’s cool. Nike is on a ROLL with commercials lately.

For my gamer friends.
900 Games that you can play right now and make you feel like a kid again. P.S. kids will probably think they are dumb games with really bad graphics, but what do they know?

Take this Fast 7.
Ridiculous concept cars that would be awesome to pull up next to at a red light.

There’s always something to smile about, what is it for you? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter.