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Smile, it’s good for you.


Today is a combination of awesomely (yeah, it’s a word) funny and awesomely (still a word) great. Enjoy these videos and gifs.

I saw Andy Mineo in concert when he was in Chicago with Lecrae (we’ll get to him in a second) a few months ago. I hadn’t really heard his stuff before. This is the music video for a song that Sarah and I enjoy very much and like to dance to and sing to, and laugh to.

Unashamed on the Tonight Show
Last Friday night Lecrae performed on the Tonight Show. That still kinda boggles my mind. At a time when the world is in chaos and we constantly have to hear about another horrible thing/person/event happening, something like this takes place. A man who loves Jesus and raps about hope and the Gospel performed on a nationally televised show. 116 Represent!

Don’t Leave me Hangin
Ah the high five… probably one of the worst ways to congratulate, welcome, or celebrate an event. It takes two to tango and if both people aren’t on the same page when it comes to the slapping of hands disaster, and hurt feelings can occur.
17 GIFs of the Most Painfully Awkward High-Fives in Sports

Ron Swanson

Those two words say more than enough. Parks and Rec is back with it’s final season. What better way to celebrate than looking at the manliest man of all men.

Found a good video, link, or photo that will help brighten someones day? Share it below in the comments section. It’s all of our jobs to make each other smile.