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Midweek Nonsense

It’s the middle of the week. I’m tired, cold, and my belly is full of too much Mexican food. While we anticipate the coming of Spring (or even weather in the 20s) here are a few links to remind you that the world is amazing, sports are cool, people and funny, and I wish I was friends with Just Timberlake…

The Dunk Contest has lost its cool factor in recent years. Lebron won’t do it and there are no real rules any more. People have stopped caring, until Zach LaVine showed up this year and reminded us that the dunk contest can be awesome. Check out the craziness this dude pulled off.

You’ve watched clouds before. Just sitting and trying to figure out what different shape or animal or person they look like right? Check these clouds out, I don’t think you will see Abe Lincoln in any of them but they will blow your mind.

I love a good prank. My freshman year of high school the seniors used water colors and painted the front of the building and grass. The authority was super mad until the sprinklers hit and they realized it would wash right off. I always wanted to fill the pop machine with beer before Freshman lunch but I was vetoed. Any way, these ideas are great too.

I am a sucker for cool animal photography. When you can combine the awesomeness of God’s creation with the guts to go face to face with a tiger or lion you usually get something pretty cool. Check out these insane shots. What’s your favorite?

I can’t not include something from SNL 40. Say what you will about the show, it had it’s high points and low points (Kanye?) but as always you can’t go wrong with Jimmy Fallon and JT and a beat.