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Turkey and Traffic and Elbow Drops


In just a few days we celebrate the MOST American holiday of them all. Even more than 4th of July, Thanksgiving. Here’s why…
We spend the day eating, watching football, drinking, eating, sleeping, eating, watching football, and of course eating. Then after all of that we go stand in line for hours so we can spend a bunch of money on black Friday deals. So to sum it all up, we eat as much as possible, watch guys beat on each other on the football field, then spend money on stuff we don’t need… ‘Merica.

This holiday at one point actually had to do with being thankful for the things God has given us. We gather and give thanks for how God has shown he is good. So what am I thankful for? Here’s just a few things.

1. Green Smoothies: So anyone who actually knows me knows that this would never actually show up on my list. No, I haven’t gone vegetarian or become a healthy eating nut. Really I’m thankful for green smoothies for two reasons. Number 1 is they give me a lot of nutrients and good stuff in the morning. I’m not one who gets up early (though I’m working on it) so these bad boys help get me to lunch without having to eat the crap I usually do. It’s a nice energy boost and can fill me up. Again,if you know you know that vegis and fruit are not usually my thing, which leads me to the second reason I’m thankful for Green Smoothies. Number 2 is that they taste good. I’m thankful they taste really good. The reason they taste really good is that my wonderful wife goes out of her way to cover up the taste of whatever veggies that she puts in these smoothies with fruit that I like. Much like when you hide a dog’s medicine in their food, she hides all the stuff she puts in these bad boys with strawberries and blueberries and that kinda stuff. I’m pretty sure I saw her put a whole tomato in one time, whatever it’s really good. So really I’m thankful not for green smoothies but for a wife who is thoughtful and wonderful and cares enough about me and what I like and don’t like.

2. Traffic: It’s Chicago, there is always traffic. I was on the expressway on a Wednesday night at 9:45pm and I was in literal stop and go traffic. It’s everywhere all the time, we just learn to deal with it. It makes trips that should be 15 or 20 minutes to an hour or more. We spend way too much time cramped up, way too much money on gas, and way too much time stuck sitting going nowhere. I’m thankful for the time and the hours I spend in the car. I get to listen to sports radio. I get to listen to a much of crazy people call in and respond to the stuff that is happening with our local sports teams. I get to hear the “experts” talk about what the Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Sox, Blackhawks did right and wrong at the last game. It feeds that part of me that loves sports. It’s a great way to pass the time. I’m thankful for the music on my iPhone. The podcasts I download. The Adventures in Odessey cds that Sarah bought me. All of these things combine to help me make it through the traffic and hours I spend in the car. They also give me all kinds of ideas for stuff like this blog, and sermons, and my own personal relationship with God. Traffic forces me to focus on other things that keep my mind active.

3. Cutting Grass: I like to cut the grass of my yard. It’s fun. I dig making the yard look good. Cutting the grass, growing up the bald spots, keeping everything looking good is just fun for me. I’m so happy to get to warm weather so I can get back out to the yard. A lot of people hate it and kids all over the country hate the very thought of being stuck pushing a mower around their yard but for me it’s a fun activity I get to do every few weeks. I always tell Sarah, if I wasn’t called to working with people I’d be really content with a riding lawn mower, some headphones and just driving around cutting grass. Work has always been part of creation, it was there before the fall, sin just made it tougher. Theres just something about doing work that I really like.

*I’m probably gonna lose some readers in a second so I’ll ask now, What are you thankful for? Leave a comment with what you are giving thanks for this year.

4. Pro Wrestling: Yup. This isn’t here to be funny or anything, I really do like wrestling. Go ahead and hate on me for it, and yes I do know it’s fake. That doesn’t change it. 24 is fake too, but we all love watching Jack Bauer save the country. It all goes back to my childhood and the spectacle and the larger than life characters and all that stuff. It’s fun and entertaining and I like it. I’ve become more cynical about it and not so into as I was as a kid but I still always turn up the tv when Hulk Hogan shows up in his red and yellow t-shirts. Really this is just here as a segway. I’m thankful for wrestling, for the entertainment and ways it’s influenced me and my personality. For me, thanksgiving is always tied to Survivor Series. A Thanksgiving week tradition for me. It used to actually be on the holiday itself and the worst Thanksgiving ever was when Hogan lost to the Undertaker on Thanksgiving (stupid Ric Flair.) Here are my predictions and thoughts on this year’s card.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt: These two young upstarts are starting to be taken seriously as main event players. Ambrose is coming off his first singles main event, a match that was interrupted by Bray Wyatt. Since then these two have been attacking each other, with words and fists. I expect this to be more on the fighting side and less on the technical wrestling side. I’m a fan of both guys and the way they are heading. Both guys need a win. The standard strategy is have the “face” chase the “heel.” With that being said I see Bray picking up the win and this continuing into the future. Winner: Bray Wyatt

Divas Traditional Survivor Series Match: The traditional survivor series match is a 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 elimination match. Teams are sometimes made up of people with common enemies or sometimes random superstars who are on the face or heel side. This is that kind of match. “Let’s just get some people on the card.” I know it’s sexist to say this but I don’t care about this match cause it’s random girls fighting random girls. Let’s say the face girls win. Moving on.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Match: Can I just say I love Stardust. I love that Cody has lost himself in the character and he’s crazy and just totally bought in. And for as good as he has been it’s gonna be awesome when he finally snaps and turns on his brother and goes back to being heel Cody Rhodes. But until then the two crazies in gold jump suits works. Also I’m sure the crowd will go nuts for Miz and Damien Mizdow. a lot of We Want Mizdow in this match, and maybe he finally breaks away from the Miz. Lots going on in this match. I think after all the chaos, Gold and Stardust stay as champions.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella: Again, I don’t really care about this one though at least the characters are a bit more developed. I like CM Punk and he’s married to AJ Lee, so I pick her to win.

Main Event Team Cena vs. Team Authority (If Team Cena wins, the Authority loses power. If Team Authority wins, everyone except Cena is fired.):
They wanted to make an example of Cena. Good guy vs. the evil authority figures. Just another retelling of Austin vs. McMahon. Kinda tired kinda old but it’s what we are going with. One of the great things about Survivor Series, is that with this many guys in the ring you have all kinds of new feuds and fights that can get birthed out of this match. You got 10 guys in there so we got all kinds of storylines. What are Harper and Rowan doing there? Will Russev get pinned? What’s the deal with Ryback? Will Seth Rollins get what’s coming to him? Also you want to keep an eye on Dolph Ziggler as he is obviously being built up a lot in this one. Odds are against the good guys, but with pink slips on the line I don’t see Team Cena taking the loss, though there are a lot of things that can happen. Winner: Team Cena

Overall, a pretty good card and I’m just happy to have a Traditional Survivor Series Match as the main event. The Bray/Ambrose match should be a good fight and the tag teams have a lot of talent in there. Should be a nice evening.

What are you thankful for this year? Share it in the comments section.