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Dropkick Sandals for #DropkickMonday

Roman soldier spiked shoe

The week has started and is already happening. We can’t stop it, but we can fight it and take advantage of it. To do that we are gonna need the right gear. That is why we have been looking at the armor of God the last few Mondays.

Ephesians 6:15 and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.

What better piece of equipment to look at on #DropkickMonday than the shoes we need to wear in battle. Back then they weren’t even shoes, they were sandals. And not even whimpy Mandals that we wear today, these bad boys had spikes in the bottom for better traction and grounding. Those are what we need to put on.
What are these spiked sandals digging into? The readiness, the prepared foundation of the Gospel. That is the sure footing we need to get through another long week. Another week of stress, and annoyance and obstacles. The secure foundation and grounding of the Gospel of Peace.

This week may suck. Try as you might, even with being intentional today, this one might get away from you. That’s ok. Because ultimately, God is in control, he is good and true and just and perfect and has the best of intentions for you. So we can find peace in the Gospel message. The Gospel tells us it’s not about how good we are or can be. It’s not about our actions, thoughts, or plans. It is about the goodness of a perfect God. The stress is off you. The crappy week can have less affect on you if you then know and trust that God is in control. There is a peace that surpasses understanding. This is what should be your foundation. This is what is on your feet. This is what is grounding you, the Gospel.

Go into this week with your feet securely in the Gospel of peace that has already been laid out for you… and if today feels like too much to handle, use those spiked sandals to #DropkickMonday right in the mouth!

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