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helmet and sword

Helmet and Sword, Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Today we finish the series we have been doing on these #DropkickMonday Devos looking at putting on the Armor of God and how that can help us get through our weeks. Today we put on the last two pieces we need to do battle against the enemy: our helmet and sword.
v17 and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God
I hope I don’t have to tell you the importance of the helmet to a soldier. It is an obvious and necessary piece of equipment. The most obvious piece you need in this fight against the devil, against the darkness of this world, just against the darkness of winter, it’s the salvation God has provided. The helmet of salvation is something you can trust will protect you. It is something you can trust as you go into battle. It doesn’t keep you from having to go into battle but it does protect you when you go in. It protects your brain. It protects against the attacks of doubt and deception that Satan uses. The helmet of salvation will keep you protected from the things that try to convince you that life is too hard, or not good enough, or that nobody cares and no one is paying attention. You can have God for you, but it is only by trusting in the sacrifice that Jesus made for you and nothing that you have done. 

Put your helmet on, trust that it will protect you while in battle.

And when you enter into this battle. For the Christian, we only need one weapon. We need the thing that has been tried and tested. It is gone through countless battles and never been defeated. God’s given you his word on how to live and fight the best way possible. But, this sword doesn’t work if you don’t practice. If you don’t train yourself how to use it and when to use it then when you need it most it will be useless to you. It will defend you it will ward off attacks it will let you go on the offense… and that is what the beginning of the week is all about, going on the offense.