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Your Baby Looks Like Chris Farley

Oh 2014, you were an interesting year. As we scramble to come up with plans for this evening and plans for next year here are a few things to help you smile and close out 2014 well.

Dave Barry thinks 2014 was a strange one.

A great rehashing of 2014 as only the great Dave Barry can do.
Dave Barry’s Year in Review

SNL can still be funny.
I was spoiled growing up through the late 80s and 90s of SNL and the comedy gold that came forth. I don’t watch the show now like I did then but every once and awhile I see a skit that reminds me SNL can still be topical and funny. This one is a parody of the hit podcast that consumed many of us in the second half of the year, Serial.

Your baby looks like Chris Farley.
Babies can be entertaining. Entertainers can be babies. Apparently babies can also look like entertainers.
16 Babies and their Celebrity Doppelgangers

You dropped your… drag queen?
Tonight many of us will watch as the ball is dropped in Times Square. Around the country other cities have taken the tradition and, well just done some weird stuff.
The 10 Weirdest Things to Drop on New Year’s

It wasn’t all bad.
Yes 2014 was rough on many of us for many different reasons, but let’s not forget that there were some rays of sunshine that poked through and encouraged us to press on.
26 Pictures That Prove That Not Everything Was Terrible in 2014

Be safe tonight and I’ll catch you in 2015!