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Stuff to Smile About 11/12/14

It’s the middle of the week and everyone can use a reminder that life isn’t just eat, sleep, work, repeat. There is some fun stuff out there too. So here is a reminder…

Get a daily dose of Calvin and Hobbes.
This Tumblr account posts daily strips of everyone’s favorite kid and imaginary Tiger best friend.

Star Wars has a title!
Yes, it has a title! Yes it has original cast members! Yes it probably won’t have Jar Jar Binks! While we are all still buzzing over the news of the title, enjoy the only good thing that came out of Star Wars Episode 1…

Bill Murray Life Advice
We all love Bill Murray. He is starting to blur the line between man and myth. From crashing weddings and making awesome cameos in movies like Zombieland, Bill Murray is just plain awesome. Check out this interview on his advice on how to get your best performance possible.

One letter makes all the difference
An artist removes one letter from a title and illustrates the results. My favorite is T. What about you?

Cool Stuff People Can Do.
A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled Why I Love Sports. This should come as no surprise then. Enjoy people who can do amazing things.

Have you found any other cool links, videos, or stories you want to share? Leave them in the comment section!