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Spring is Coming

Yesterday it was 70 and sunny in Chicago. It was a beautiful day.
Today it is a high of about 42 and cloudy, with the sun just occasionally peeking through the clouds to taunt us.
What’s the deal? I thought Spring had Sprung.

I realize this is just part of living in Chicago, I’m used to the fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns. For some reason though, waking up to the cold, having to turn the heat on in my car again, it just really bummed me out. To go from such a great day to this is really frustrating.

I think this is a small glimpse of what Holy Week was like. Jesus rode in to town to such pomp and circumstance. There was yelling and cheering and excitement. Much like the warm weather of Spring, people were taking off their coats. There was a buzz amongst the people about who this Jesus was, what he could do, what he would do. It seemed like maybe he was gonna be “the one” to make things better, to get them back to being a people and fixing what was broken.

Fast forward just a few days.

An arrest. Abandonment. Betrayal. The trials. The cross. Those same people who were cheering and yelling and waving were now angry and blood-hungry. Things changed quickly.

When Jesus was finally taken off the cross those next few days must have dragged on for his followers. Three days must have felt like 30 years. I’m sure that buzz that was around died down to a low grumbling. How in the world had things changed so quickly? And now what do they do? What could they do? They just had to get through it, having faith that God wasn’t done writing the story.

We know the story continued. We know the stone was rolled away, the tomb emptied, and the good guy won. But, before that could happen there were days where it looked dark and gloomy and that God stopped paying attention. It had to be frustrating and must have bummed a lot of people out.

I’m excited for Spring. I’m excited for lunches outside. For Cubs games. For golf. For yard work. I’m excited for what God has planned for Sarah and I and our future. I’m ready to get to that. I’m excited for the next thing he has in store for us. I’m ready for the next season to begin, but it’s not here yet. I see glimpses, I see moments of it, but it hasn’t quite arrived.

What are you waiting for? What are you looking towards and excited about?

There are going to be times when you are waiting on something, when you are praying through something and God gives you these glimpses and moments that show that he is paying attention but aren’t quite that next thing. There will be times when you will wake up and to a perfect 70 degree day and it seems like things are going great, but be warned there will be days when you wake up to 40 degrees and clouds.

It’s on those days you gotta remember that ultimately the tomb was empty on that Sunday morning.

God will not forget you. He will not forget me. He has a plan. His plan is better than your plan. His plan is better than my plan. He is not done writing your story. Though it might be gloomy and cold, Spring is coming.