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Midweek Giggles for you to enjoy

This week has dragged for me. These sites and videos have entertained and genuinely made me laugh out loud. (By myself, so that’s kinda awkward… I didn’t have to tell you that… where’s the delete button?) I hope they entertain you a bit. If you find something cool leave it in the comments section.

Kobe on Jimmy Kimmel was great. They showed him a clip of a celebration of some of the baby Lakers after ending their 8 game losing streak. They are still in near last place and looking like they are in a tailspin but after that game some of the boys were having fun. Kobe’s reaction is awesome.

The construction of the Statue of Liberty is one of those things that we have all been taught about but I don’t think we really consider it. Check out these photos of the building and shipping of the statue. Pretty fascinating.

Waffle House is one of those places that is a guilty pleasure whenever I am on a road trip. The hashbrowns are so good. It’s kinda dirty, and the coffee isn’t great but I will stop any chance I can. Now, because it is a place you want to be anyway, they are working on making Waffle House a place you can ship and receive packages from. Not a joke. Read on.

Parks and Rec is gone. That’s a bummer of a sentence I know but it is a truth we all have to deal with. The sooner we start the grieving process the better we will be. Enjoy this video of Johnny Karate wrapping up his tv show and showing us why Chris Pratt has blown up lately.