Stuff I Dig

This page is dedicated to people, websites, and generally things I like. Hope you check some of them out.
Zach Pietrini Few bands can do what Zach and the fellas do both in the studio and live at a show. Check them out and enjoy the americana awesomeness.

Art of Manliness  If you are a dude and don’t know about this site yet, then get over there and thank me later.

Christian Fellowship Free Church  This is my home church and a great place to engage with God in Chicago.  Check us out on Sundays at 11:00am.

Bourdage Chiropractic  Dr. Steve Bourdage is a great chiropractor and great friend.  He really believes in helping you allow your body to do what it was made to do.

Leadership Journal  A great resource for those in leadership in the church.

Kevin Halloran This is the blog of my friend Kevin Halloran. Kevin is a great scholar and man of God. He writes on a variety of topics including his many adventures south of the border. Read his stuff it’s really great and challenging.

Pastor Tim Miller Pastor Tim loves Jesus and loves you. His blog is a regular challenge and reminder that God wants you to live abundantly.

Adam Gustine Adam is a friend and great inspiration of mine. He allowed me to sit in his office and pick his brain and helped me start to cultivate a personal theology in college. He has a great creative mind and his blog will challenge you to think and respond.

Rod Tucker Rod is one of those dudes who thinks differently than I do and that makes for good conversation. He is a writer, pastor, and speaker with loads of wisdom. Check out his stuff and if you are in Michigan The River Church in Kalamazoo is a place you should be.

Christan Poets and Writers This is a collection of different Christian poets and writers who post on a regular basis with the goal of proclaiming Jesus. It is a great community of support and feedback.

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