Laughin and Thinkin

Today’s post is a combination of the ridiculous and the thoughtful. Two great videos to make you giggle and laugh and two links to make you think and challenge you. Enjoy!

Rob Gronkowski is every football player sterotype rolled into one. He’s big and goofy and tough and a bit slow. It’s hard not to like Gronk. Enjoy his thoughts on the last few minutes of the Super Bowl and the fight that broke out.

Lip Sync Battle
I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but I had to post it again because it is so good. Jimmy Fallow, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart just being goofballs. I think Jimmy’s Lip Sync competitions have become the best part of what they do on his show.

Tim Keller on Prayer
A short interview with the Pastor regarding his new book, Prayer. Very good challenging stuff when it comes to “quiet time” and pursuing God.

New Leadership Journal Look
The organization that I work for, Leadership Journal just redesigned our website. It is sharp, crisp, and full of quality articles, and videos geared and equipping and challenging the leaders of the church. God enjoy. My suggestion would be check out the Must-Read section. Let me know what you think of the new site.

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