#Dropkickmonday Devo 10/27/14

Mondays can be tough. I came up with #Dropkickmonday as a way to motivate myself to not let Monday wreck my week. It’s a way to be intentional with the beginning of the week to set myself up for a win. When we let our lives go by us in a blur or work, school, and responsibilities and don’t spend any thought or consideration on what we are doing and why we miss the point of life. Spend a few minutes today and be intentional not letting Monday get the best of you.

Last night I was in at the Aragon Enterainment Center, formerly the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown Chicago. The doors for the concert I was going to opened at 6:00pm. My wife and I showed up at 6:10pm and there was a line down the block that snaked next to the building up and down the alley. We didn’t get into the theater until 6:50pm. This line was filled with people of many different races and ages. They were there for a hip-hop concert. They were there to see Lecrae and Andy Mineo.

Never in my (or probably the people who own the Aragon) wildest dreams would I think that the gospel would be proclaimed in that place. We jumped, we danced, we yelled, and we listened to two men share their stories, their lives, their passion, and the gospel. It may have been billed as a concert and you could buy drinks at the bar, but this was a worship event. It wasn’t about worshiping Lecrae or Andy. It wasn’t about worshiping the culture or material things, it was about worship to Jesus, which both men shouted multiple times.

There are so many things I took from this show. There were no invisible walls of race or culture or denomination. For a few brief hours on a Sunday night the Church (I used the big c on purpose) was the Church. We celebrated together. I don’t think everyone at the show was saved. But that’s one of the great things about Lecrae, his talent transcends the idea of him being a “Christian rapper”, to being as he says “a rapper who is a Christian.” And because of that he gets the chance to proclaim the gospel message to a packed house at the Aragon to people who otherwise might not hear it. That’s my big takeaway.

Lecrae stood and yelled without apology, without regret that he was unashamed of the gospel. He uses what God has given him to spread a message of hope and light and future to a hopeless, dark, and broken world. What if we all did that?

God has made you for a specific purpose. He has a purpose and plan for your life that is unique for you. It’s probably not to be a hip hop star. It might be that he wired you to be policeman, or an accountant, or a teacher. So what would the world look like if we used our gifts, our talents, our professions and we did them with such excellence that people had to know the secret to our success and we got to tell them that it’s Jesus. There are things that you can do, people that you can reach, that others (including the “professional Christians”) can’t. God is calling you to stand up and without shame without fear without hesitation use what he has given you to be a light. You will not do it alone, you will always have the Holy Spirit with you. Be a light, it’s what you were made to be.


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