Don’t Drop Your Shield


We have been looking at the armor of God. So far we have the belt to keep everything in place, the chest plate to protect us, and the shoes to help us stand tall against the enemy. Today, in light of the attacks from the air that Chicago received yesterday and this morning in the form of snow, let’s talk about defending yourself with a shield

In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one. –Eph 6:16

Shooting arrows, especially flaming ones was a standard early aspect of war. It was a way to attack your enemies from a distance as well as cause chaos on their side. Even if your enemies were able to shield themselves from the fiery darts, often the shields wouldn’t be able to quench the flame and so the soldiers would have to drop their shield and leave themselves exposed.

The kind of shield that Paul is envisioning here is one that covers pretty much the entire body of the soldier holding it. One you can hide almost entirely behind.

Satan likes to send all kinds of attacks at us to confuse us hurt us and wear down our defenses. It isn’t always the big obvious attacks, sometimes he is much more sneaky and cunning. It’s little things over and over again that he sends out to wear us down. And after blocking 2 or 3 or 4 of his shots we let our guard down. Or we put our shield down because it is on fire. That’s when he sends the heavy stuff and we find ourselves scrambling.

The shield we are called to take up is the shield of faith. Faith in a good God that will not leave you nor forsake you. Faith that while there are troubles and the arrows are flying God will protect you. The shield extinguishes the fire, there is no reason to ever drop that shield. It will protect you even in the most chaotic, confusing, troubling days.

Your week will be filled with arrows coming at you from all directions. Do not put down your shield and allow them to hurt you. Cling to the shield of faith, faith in a God who loves you enough to send his son to die on a cross and pay for your sins. Faith in a God knows you, loves you, and will be there for you always.

What helps you cling to your shield when the arrows are raining down?

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