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Distracted or Afraid?

I am a child of the technology generation. I don’t remember a time without color TV or what it was like to not have a portable music player of some kind. It’s what I have always known. I gotta say, sometimes it’s amazing and helpful, and other times I feel trapped.

Recently I finally pulled the trigger on the empty promise of “I’m getting off Facebook” that I’d been making for months and months. I found it to be pointless and time consuming. I would scroll quickly and not been very interested in most posts (Sorry friends, not EVERY meme is funny). I made excuses for why I needed it and when I ran out of those excuses I finally, and impulsively deleted my account. I felt free. I felt disconnected and I loved it.

That lasted for about 2 weeks.

It’s not that I was in need of a fix, it was actually for this blog. As I said in my first post, a large part of why I started writing this blog was to be an outlet for things that I was reading and thinking. That motivation does not need Facebook to accomplish it. My other desire in writing this blog is to interact, encourage, and maybe even motivate people through what I was thinking and feeling. This can’t happen without people reading the blog. Thus, I needed to use Facebook to let people know that the blog existed.

Being Distracted
And so I got back onto the site. I am trying to not use it for anything besides promoting this blog, but the idea of “needing” to use social media, media in general, and video games is something that I’ve been thinking about for the last few days.

I enjoy video games, I like using Twitter and I can binge watch Netflix with the best of them. I don’t think these things are bad by themselves. The thing that has been on my mind is the amount of time I’ve spent playing games, watching Netflix, and not being productive. I have these desires, these projects I wanna do, this person I wanna become.

That person, those desires, the projects I want to finish, require discipline, and time, and energy. Instead, I allow myself to be distracted by stuff that doesn’t do much for me. How much could I get done if I didn’t video games? Would I actually be able to wake up early in the morning and start my days well instead of rushing all the time because I slept in because I needed just one more episode of Raising Hope?

We live in this world of constant distractions and instant gratification, and while the advancement of technology can make us more productive and better connected to the world around us it also provides me with hours of distractions from the things I want to do. I feel much like Paul when he lamented about doing what he didn’t want to do and not doing what he wanted to. It’s a frustrating way to live. But what if it’s not just about being distracted? What if I am allowing myself to be distracted, or even choosing to be distracted so I don’t have to pursue the things I want to. That way I can’t fail. It’s so much easier, to just not think, not do, and not pursue.

So here we are… what do I do now?

How do we fight the constant temptations, and the over abundance of distractions we have in our lives? How do we start to make choices that lead us to being the person that we want o be, and more importantly God wants us to be. We gotta start making those decisions. For me, I’m deleting Simpsons Tapped Out off the iPad. It’s one of those things that distracts me and eats up way too much of my life. If we can just start making small decisions here and there we can begin to get back some of the time we’ve lost. I like technology, but I’m tired of being chained up by it.

What are the things that distract you from being who you want to be? What can you do to change that?

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