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Stuff To Make You Smile 12/3/14


We have hit December! Congrats everyone. Remember when it was only January and you had the whole year in front of you? Well that’s over. I didn’t get done near half the stuff I wanted to… oh well there’s always 2015! In the mean time enjoy some videos and links to help you get through this first week of December and make you smile. (Your welcome, for the lack of Christmas music)

Hey you won the game! But we like your son better.
Texans backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had to play in the game this past Sunday. He had a career best day in yards and touchdowns and the Texans won. At the press conference he showed that his son picked up some of his Harvard genes. Check out this kid’s mental math skills.

File this under the “I should check that out” list
Once again my favorite site, comes up big. They have compiled a list of the top books on war every man should read. Some are obvious like The Art of War while others I have never thought of ever reading about, like Seven Pillars of Wisdom. This is a pretty good list to get you through some long cold days.

43 Books About War Every Man Should Read

Really? That’s an animal?
I don’t even know how to describe this one. Just go check out some of the weirdest looking animals on the earth. I’m a big fan of the Blob Fish. What’s your favorite?

24 Bizarre animal creatures that really exist

Where did the time go?
That is the question you will ask yourself if you click this link. These are 10 interesting and weird Wikipedia articles. Yes, Wikipedia that place you go to kill hours of your life. All of those links that send you to other links. Anyway, enjoy and apologize to your boss/spouse/kids for me.

10 Interesting and Unusual Wikipedia Articles

Star Wars!
Of course it’s here. It doesn’t need an introduction. New movie, new lightsaber, same AWESOME Millennium Falcon. Enjoy, I have about 50,000,000 times.

Find anything else cool to make people smile? Share it in the comments below.