Aw Yeah That’s My Jam


Here’s some stuff I found around the web to help you smile and maybe forget about the cold…

That’s Freakin Cool
The more I see things in nature and through science the more I see how cool God is. Check out some sweet pictures from around the world.
15 Craziest Things in Nature

I Always Liked the Bad Guys
Disney bad guys were always way cooler than the good guys and the princesses. They still are. Check out this video of Gaston taking on some scrawny guy with a big mouth.

That’s My Jam!
Ever crave to hear you favorite songs from when you were young? Miss the sweet sounds of the early 90’s? Want to dance to some 70’s rock? NOW YOU CAN! The Nostalgia Machine let’s you select a year and get the most popular songs of that year and for some of them the sweet sweet music videos that go with them. *Note I am not responsible for the things that are in these music videos, watch at your own risk.*
The Nostalgia Machine

Panda Snow Day

It’s a panda, rolling around in the snow. It’s a sweet life those pandas lead.

Don’t Hit Girls
I was raised to not hit girls. You just don’t do it. These boys know that. Everyone needs to know that.

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